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The 1990's

The 1990s were a challenging decade for fraternities on campuses around the country.  Changes in the liability laws as well as public sentiment about fraternity behavior contributed greatly to changes in how fraternities operated.  ATO again was not immune to these changes.  USC imposed the “Fourteen Points” that set forth the criteria for how all fraternities and sororities were to retain recognition by the university, including a minimum grade point average.

At this same time, our local Zeta Beta brothers remained active in ATO National activities.  C. Robert Cook (‘76) was elected to the ATO National Board of Directors in 1990 and served in that position until 1998.  In addition, both Gerry Bridges and Jerry Papazian were elected to the ATO Foundation Board of Governors.

On December 8, 1995 a fire broke out in the chapter house. One member was seriously injured, and over $125,000 in damage took place, primarily to the upstairs bedrooms.  Michael Gabor (‘80) took it upon himself to reconstruct the damaged house, restoring bedrooms and hallways to their previous condition. He also oversaw the remodeling of the front of the chapter house, including French doors and windows in the living room and front bedrooms.  And at long last, a deck was added to the front roof.

Alpha Tau Omega at USC